When you need tax relief services, it’s important to find the best company for you. Not every tax company is the same. We’ve collected the top 26 tax resolution company reviews to help you learn more! Explore many different IRS tax relief programs and tax relief services to resolve your debt and avoid IRS debt collection.

1. Honest Tax Relief Review

With a name like Honest Tax Relief, this sounds like one of the best tax relief services available. Is it? Read reviews of this company’s services like audits, tax returns, and debt relief. 

2. Optima Tax Relief Review

Who qualifies for IRS debt forgiveness? Optima Tax Relief reviews can help you explore debt forgiveness options that might save you money.

3. Fidelity Tax Relief Review

Fidelity Tax Relief has mixed reviews. Their happy clients are very happy, but frustrated customers report being ignored or ripped off. Be careful with this agency, which is one of the worst tax relief companies on our list.

4. Priority Tax Relief Review

If you’re serious about solving your tax problems, Priority Tax Relief promises to take you seriously. Read this review to learn more before you make a tax relief services call with their team.

5. ALG Tax Solutions Review

Some tax relief services like ALG Tax Solutions work with clients in person, over the phone, and online. Explore ALG’s tax relief services reviews to learn what to expect in each situation.

6. Tax Defense Network Review

How do I get my IRS debt forgiven? Learn about the Tax Defense Network’s services like offers in compromise, the Fresh Start program, and other IRS negotiations in this review.

7. Coast One Financial Group Review

Coast One Financial Group can help you with state and federal taxes. Explore Coast 1 Financial Group’s track record in their tax relief services review.

8. Community Tax Relief LLC Review

Are tax relief services worth it? See what real customers think about working with Community Tax Relief LLC in this review.

9. Civic Tax Relief Review

It’s important to read tax resolution company reviews when you’re looking for the best tax relief companies 2022. See what to expect from Civic Tax Relief in this IRS debt relief review.

10. Oakmont Tax Relief Review

How much do tax relief companies charge? Read our Oakmont Tax Relief review to see if this company is upfront with costs, or if customers can expect hidden fees and surprise charges.

11. Larson Tax Relief Review

If you’re looking for business tax debt relief and personal tax debt help, Larson Tax Relief may be able to help. Explore their IRS tax relief programs review to see what previous clients think about Larson Tax.

12. Fortress Tax Relief Review

Can you make a payment plan with the IRS? Companies that offer professional tax relief services can help you with IRS payment plans. Read this Fortress Tax Relief review to see their payment plan options.

13. Precision Tax Relief Review

Precision Tax Relief offers lots of IRS tax debt options. Explore their reviews before becoming a customer: you’ll find some happy clients but also bad reports from previous employees.

14. Anthem Tax Services Review

Is Anthem Tax Services one of the best tax relief services or the worst tax relief companies? It depends on who you ask. Read their mixed customer ratings in this tax company review.

15. Spectrum Tax Relief Review

Are tax relief services worth it? You can save thousands of dollars if you choose the right company. Read this Spectrum Tax Relief review to see if they’re a good fit for your situation.

16. Omni Financial Review

Has the Omni Financial group come up when you’re searching for the best tax relief companies 2022? Omni makes big promises but has bad reviews from clients and employees, so be careful with this company.

17. United Tax Relief Center Review

The United Tax Relief Center offers tax debt relief services. Read this company review to know what to expect before booking a tax relief services call with United Tax.

18. Timberline Tax Group Review

The Timberline Tax Group has IRS-enrolled agents on staff but no attorneys or CPAs. Their online info is also out of date. See other red flags in their tax relief services reviews online.

19. Millenia Tax Relief Review

Millenia Tax Relief is located in Industry, California, so you might find it when searching for California tax relief services near me. Read client reviews to see why a local tax relief company isn’t always the best.

20. Freedom Debt Relief Review

Freedom Debt Relief has an optimistic name, especially if you’re struggling with IRS tax debt. Read Freedom’s tax resolution company reviews to see if this company’s services live up to its name.

21. Integrity Tax Help Review

What can you expect from working with Integrity Tax Help? Read this tax relief company review to see what to look for when choosing a tax service.

22. First Class Tax Relief Review

Reading tax relief services reviews is one of the best ways to find a good tax company. Explore this First Class Tax Relief review to see what to expect from this agency.

23. Taxpayer Advocate Service Review

The Taxpayer Advocate Service might sound like a government program, but it’s not part of the IRS. Learn more about this tax resolution company to understand the difference.

24. Peoples Tax Help Review

The People’s Tax Help debt resolution company offers to help fix IRS tax problems. Do they live up to their promise? Check out the tax company review for tips on evaluating their service.

25. Success Tax Help Review

When you’re struggling with IRS debt, successful tax help can change your life. Explore the Success Tax Help company review to learn more about this company.

26. Advance Tax Relief Review

Is the Advance Tax Relief company a good option for your tax situation? Read a company review to explore their services and learn how to decide for yourself.

Choosing The Best Tax Company

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