Managing your money is stressful. Sometimes, it becomes hard to pay all your bills. One bill you can’t avoid is federal government taxes. Unpaid IRS taxes can create legal problems for you. You may need a tax relief service company to help you through the hard times, to help you resolve your tax bill. The hard part is knowing which company will help the most.

Different resolution companies make many promises to help you. Those promises may sound good but don’t pick the first company you find. Certain qualities make a tax relief company more trustworthy. Some things they offer will help you more. At IRS Tax Relief Network, we know it’s important for you to learn what to expect. You should also know what qualities make a good service provider.

Are Tax Relief Services Worth It?

When you owe back taxes, you can get into trouble with the IRS. You might face penalties and owe more money. A tax resolution company like ours can help by:

– Working out a deal with the IRS on your taxes, reducing what you owe
– Working out an IRS payment plan that works for them and you
– Guiding you through the tax relief process, solving problems like missing tax returns
– Helping you to gain good standing with the IRS

Does this sound like help you could use? Now you know what tax relief companies do. Let’s look into what makes a good service.

Qualities of a Good Tax Relief Company

Your first task is finding a good company is doing research. You might see ads or have friends, family members, or coworkers tell you about them. Tips from people you know and trust are helpful. Make a list of companies you hear about. Get to work finding out more about them.

Here are basic questions for you to ask and have answered before you work with them:

Is it a lawful company?

You hear about fraud on the news daily. People have their money taken by criminals that pretend to help. Fraud exists in the tax relief area, too. There are companies that charge way too much for what they do. They don’t do the job that they promise. People end up worse off than before. It’s a scary problem, making research very important.

Search companies online to find their website or Facebook page. The ones that commit fraud may not create business pages.

How can you avoid fraud? The best way is to check the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Better Business Bureau websites (BBB) for customer complaints. You might also find a BBB rating for the company. People often put reviews on Google and other sites, too. If you read bad things about a company, strike them off your list.

Do you have to have at least $10,000 back taxes owed to work with a tax resolution company?

Search the net to learn more about the tax relief companies left on your list. First, find out if they need a certain amount of back taxes owed to work with you. Let’s say you owe $7,200. Many companies will work with you based on this number. Some only work with clients that have over $10,000 in back taxes.

Companies may have other rules, too. If you don’t meet the rules, take those companies off your list. Keep researching the others until you find the best one.

Has it been a successful company for a long period of time?

You want to find a company that’s been in business for at least a few years. You may be able to find out more about the owner’s past. You’re looking for success in good tax-related businesses. It’s still better to work with a company that’s had success over many years.

Seek out a tax relief company that has many happy customers. How do you know the answer? First, when you’re on the FTC and BBB websites, look for company details. Find out how long the company has been operating, who owns it, and where it’s located. A brand new company might not be listed. Also, see how far back the reviews go. It’s another way to tell the company’s age.

You may find complaints listed on the BBB or FTC sites. Read through online reviews to see if people make mostly good or bad comments. Every company can have a few bad reviews out of many total reviews. Be cautious about companies with a lot of bad reviews, especially with the past year. There are better choices.

Does it have qualified employees that know what they’re doing?

You may be able to find information about the workers when you read reviews. If you have friends who have used a company, they can suggest someone they liked working with. Ask about that person’s knowledge when it comes to tax help. Do you like what you’ve heard and read?

Check the company website for bios about key employees. Certain licenses are needed in this business. Find out if the company hires licensed pros, such as certified public accountants and tax attorneys.

Your list of resolution agencies should be smaller now. Add details to what you find online. Call the companies and ask for details. Make a list of your questions. Ask questions about the company, employee training, and services offered.

Is the company upfront about what it does and its fees?

When you call companies to ask about services, take notes. Ask for a written list of services and their fees. If they don’t list a service you need, ask about it. Find out how they track fees and where any extra service fees might kick in. Use the details to compare services and fees between different tax resolution services. 

Ask the company representative if their customers can create online accounts. The accounts allow you to see changes and the reasons for them. You can pay your bills there, too. Allowing online accounts shows that a company is open about what they do. You want to know everything you can before you sign on the dotted line to work with the company.

Are the results guaranteed?

A great way to identify a good company: a money-back guarantee. If their contract states that they meet what they promise or you get your money back, that’s a win. If a company meets all the good qualities listed plus a guarantee, consider signing with them. Your financial future is too important to gamble on anything but the best.

You’ll find that IRS Tax Relief Services has all the qualities that you desire. Our company has more than 30 years of experience in helping people like you with their tax issues. We help with a variety of issues including owed back taxes, liens, and wage garnishment. We have experienced, licensed tax professionals waiting for your call, around the clock. We have many satisfied customers and great reviews online. We offer a money-back guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your results. Research them along with other tax relief service companies. You’ll find that we’re your best option, and we’ll be happy to serve you.

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