If you’re curious about Omni Financial Tax Relief, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected Omni Financial Tax Relief reviews from around the Internet. Learn everything you need to know about Omni tax service before you decide to work with this company.

About Omni Financial Tax Relief

Omni Financial Tax Relief is a tax assistance company in Broomfield, Colorado. Omni has a team of 21 staff with backgrounds in business, law, finance, and accounting. At least one staff member is an IRS-enrolled agent. Omni Financial offers the following services to businesses and private individuals:

  •   Installment agreements
  •   IRS Offers In Compromise (OIC)
  •   Tax appeals
  •   Streamlined installment agreements
  •   Bank levies
  •   Tax liens
  •   Tax penalties
  •   Innocent spouse relief
  •   Wage garnishment
  •   State tax problems
  •   Payroll taxes
  •   Trust fund recovery process

The Omni Financial Tax Relief Process

Omni Financial offers a free tax debt consultation to start the process. You can fill out a simple form online to meet with Omni and learn about your options. They also provide a phone number if you want to get in touch right away. 

After you decide the work with Omni tax service, they promise to find a permanent solution to your tax problems. However, this firm doesn’t describe how the process works. Their website doesn’t list standard steps or a timeline for resolving your tax issues. 

Benefits Of Omni Financial Tax Relief

Is Omni financial legit? This company lists many reasons to work with them on their website.

  •   Free consultations
  •   Large staff with many years of experience
  •   Member of the National Association of Tax Professionals
  •   BBB Accreditation 
  •   Online client portal
  •   Can represent clients in all 50 states

Omni Financial Tax Relief Reviews

You can learn a lot about a company by reading their reviews. Hiring a tax resolution company is an important decision. You deserve an honest, trustworthy, and reliable company. Carefully research Omni Financial Tax Relief reviews to learn what real customers think about their services.

Omni Financial Tax Relief BBB Complaints

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service (01/19/2021)

“Our Company hired OMNI Financial from a, “Telemarketing Call – Cold Call” to resolve our tax debt problems on 11/09/16. Our first agreement between OMNI Financials’ Vice President and Senior Tax Analyst was for an Installment Agreement and Penalty Abatement with a Retainer Fee of $8,800.00 but we paid $10,800.00. The retainer fee is based upon OMNI’s estimate of the time, effort, and complexity, necessary to provide the services agreed upon. a. OMNI has worked on our file for 44 Months. In the 44 months, we have had 6 Power of Attorney’s, 4 Statement of Works, emailed our financials 14 times, and have had 17 of those months consist of no real results. b. In the 44 months, OMNI has billed us 479 times for 29 different services. We have been billed 156 times for oversight, administration, research, facilitate compliance, and miscellaneous task. Of the 156 times, 106 were for Facilitate Compliance. 184 times for communication between us and them, communication between the IRS and them. Of the 184 times, 30 of those times were for New Client Setup. Billed 97 times for Offer in Compromise, 25 times to prepare and review financials, 13 times for the Installment Agreement, and 4 times for Stay of Force. 479 times billed in 44 months equals almost 11 charges a month. c. In the 44 months we have been with OMNI, we have had 39 Different Employees work with our file. Of the 39 different employees, we have only had contact with 22 of them. The other 17 came from OMNI’s Itemized SOW. Our file was started with a Senior Tax Analyst with the Vice President of OMNI signing our first agreement. Our file has been viewed by 10 Enrolled Agents, possibly more. There have been 8 Associates work on our file with 3 of them being Senior Associates. 7 Assistants have assisted with our file with 1 being a Licensed Assistant and 1 other being a Senior Assistant. 2 Licensed Representatives with 1 being a Senior Licensed Representative. We have had 1 Quality Assurance Analyst and 2 Directors work on our file. With the 2 Directors, 1 is the Director of Client Services and the other Associate Director of Client Retention Department. We have no clue of the other 17 employees position/title. Within 44 months and 39 different employees working on our file. We almost could have a different employee on each month of the 44. 2. Within the 44 months, it took the first 8 months to get us approved for an Installment Agreement (06/17). 4 months later, the Installment Agreement went into effect (10/17) and our company had a credit balance of $5,150.00. Totaling 12 months for an Installment Agreement. Leaving 32 Months remaining. 3. From 10/17 to 10/18 – 12 more months, nothing happened to our file. We were in an IA making the monthly payment manually, even though the IA stated and we were charged for auto withdrawal payments. We hired a payroll company prior to hiring OMNI and had not been charged for Facilitate Compliance 1 time until the New SOW’s started 05/19. We were then charged 106 times for Facilitate Compliance. What are they facilitating? We have a payroll company which handles our federal and state taxes. These taxes are also filed quarterly, meaning every 3 months. We also, noticed billing discrepancies during these months (and after) and brought it to OMNI’s attention. Leaving 20 months remaining. 4. OMNI has had 39 different employees handle our file. Our Company has been billed 30 times for New Client and Account Setup (On Boarding). The majority of these billings happened once the New SOW’s went into effect (05/19). 5. On 04/18 is when, what we believe to be the “Bait & Switch”, happened. We had gotten an email from an Assistant whom claimed to be New to the team. Supposedly, looked over our file in depth and was not around for our initial setup of our IA. She asked if we had thought about Penalty Abatement? Wanted to know if we wanted her to look into it but she would have to do more work. Started to mention the Offer in Compromise and how more advantageous to our business it could be. Why was a New Assistant contacting us about our account file? OMNI has all these levels (position/titles) to their employees and we have the bottom employee contacting us about services because she took it upon herself to get to know our file? Our first and only agreement we have at this point, is for an Installment Agreement & Penalty Abatement. a. The Assistant supposedly got with the Senior Associate Enrolled Agent and both agreed that Penalty Abatement was the way to go but while conducting the work for the PA. They would see if the OIC was a better option. They decided the OIC was the better option. 6. OMNI then started the Offer in Compromise 6 months later 10/18. The next month 11/18, we received a letter from the IRS in regards to Intent to Cancel the Installment Agreement. We then contacted OMNI about the IA Cancel but was told not to worry about it. They are starting the OIC. The Installment Agreement then gets canceled after only having it for 1 year and us making every payment manually. To date, we have continued to make the payment even with it being canceled. 7. From 11/18 to 05/19, nothing happened to our file other than the OIC has been submitted to the IRS and our first OIC Rejection. We had even emailed OMNI asking about our status within these months and still questioning billings. 05/19 our Account is now Negative ($765.67) and OMNI is contacting us about a New SOW. The cost of the SOW is $6,875.00. The services to be provided were to Facilitate and Monitor Compliance – Prepare, Submit, and Negotiate Resolutions – Prepare, Submit, and Negotiation Ancillary Resolutions and it states OIC will take 12 to 18 months. Again, what are they Facilitating? We have a payroll company that handles our taxes. Ancillary Resolution? The OIC has been submitted and rejected. We have already been dealing with the OIC for at least 6 months now and it’s going to take another 12 to 18 months? 8. 08/19 and 11/19, the OIC has been rejected again and is being appealed, again. Again, we have emailed wondering what our status is and what’s going on? 9. 12/19, our account is Negative again ($1,543.88) and OMNI is after another SOW costing $17,952.38. For basically, the same services we have already paid for numerous times. Also, stating the OIC will take another 9 to 12 months. We disputed this and then our account was given to the Associate Director of Client Retention. Why do they have a Director of Client Retention? We don’t want to be retained. We want a Tax Resolution. 10. We spent $10,800.00 at the start 11/16. This money carried us until 05/19 almost 2½ years. OMNI then comes up with 3 more SOW’s within months of each other? The added 3 SOW’s are almost 3 times the amount of money we spent for our first agreement. 11. We go back and forth with the Director of Client Retention with him eventually getting us to pay for a New SOW (02/20) costing $3,509.00. Again, we are paying for services that we have paid for numerous times. 12. Over the course of working with OMNI, we had advised them that email was the preferred method. As we progressed in time with OMNI, we started to advise them we Only wanted to Communicate via email because we No longer Trust what they were telling us over the phone. On 07/02/20, OMNI Threatened that if we did not communicate via telephone: Otherwise, I will instruct Lindsey to revoke Power of Attorney and close your file with our office. After reviewing the Assurance OMNI has with the State of Colorado’s Attorney General’s Office. The State of Colorado has OMNI record their phone conversations for a day. 13. 07/20, we have had enough of wasting our money with OMNI. OMNI Never Completed their first Agreement with us. We have No documentation of a Penalty Abatement. There has been No Resolution and very little work performed on our Personal Side of the tax owed. Our first agreement states they will send us quarterly account statements. Which they somewhat did at the start but then emailed statements monthly with the Last Statement of 11/2019. We have not had a statement since that date. They Allowed the Cancelation of our Installment Agreement billing us 13 times for an IA. Baiting us Into the Offer in Compromise and Billing us 97 Times for the OIC. All 3 of their SOW’s are Billing us for Services that we have already Paid For or have Another Company handling. The services in the SOW’s and the amount of times they are billed for, make no sense. Billed 25 times for Financial Analyst, within 8 months we had an IA and 12 months after the IA is in effect, we start the OIC. How many financials do they need? They don’t change that often and we are filing our annual taxes, which we have emailed to OMNI the last 3 years. We Fired OMNI with them having us with a Negative Balance ($2,829.20). To date, OMNI has not solved any tax resolution, business wise nor personal. We have No Installment Agreement nor Penalty Abatement. We only have an Offer in Compromise in Appeals. OMNI Financial has Not Solved Our Back-Tax Problems. Their Company Header needs to be Changed To Reflect, what they can accomplish for their customers. The majority of them are not attorney’s but rather Enrolled Agents. Which are supposedly certified by the Internal Revenue Service and are to know the rules better than the IRS Employees. In our opinion, they know the system too well and the customer suffers. Per the Assurance Of Voluntary Compliance and Discontinuance with the Attorney General’s Office, The State of Colorado is aware, too.”

Omni Financial Tax Relief On Yelp

1.5 out of 5 stars, 7 total reviews.

This complaint was posted 5 years before publication.

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tax lawyerOmni Financial Tax Relief On Facebook

5 out of 5 stars, 15 total reviews.

Omni tax service has positive reviews on Facebook, but also many people who commented that they don’t recommend working with this company. This review was posted one year before publication.

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Omni Tax Service On Glassdoor

3.4 out of five stars, 56 total reviews.

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Red Flags Before Working With Omni Financial

It’s important to make sure you can trust your tax resolution company. Unfortunately, the Omni Financial Tax Relief reviews are mixed. Here are some red flags to consider.

  •   Very low ratings on Yelp
  •   Negative comments on Facebook
  •   Negative employee reports on Glassdoor
  •   Omni Financial hasn’t responded to their online complaints
  •   Difficult to learn about staff and their backgrounds
  •   Only one IRS-enrolled agent listed on the team
  •   No hours listed on their webpage
  •   No details on what to expect as their client

Are Tax Relief Programs Worth It?

If you’re facing tax problems, you’re probably wondering, are tax relief programs worth it? Tax problems can be expensive and cause major problems in your life. A trustworthy tax relief company can help you get back in control of your life again. 

 You should always do your research to pick a reliable program. Many companies like IRS Tax Relief Network can help you restore your finances. Other programs are looking to scam you while you’re in a bad situation.

How Do I Qualify For Tax Relief?

The IRS Offer In Compromise program can help people who owe more than $10,000 in back taxes. If the IRS believes you owe $10,000 or more, you should contact a professional tax company for assistance. Tax resolution services can help you solve your financial problems. Experienced professionals know many different strategies that may reduce your debt and relieve tax penalties.

The #1 Mistake People Make With The IRS

If you’re dealing with tax problems, you might want to ignore them. This is the biggest mistake you can make. The IRS is patient. They won’t go away if you ignore them. In fact, the IRS can legally collect your taxes for up to 10 years. 

Ignoring your tax problems will only make them worse. The IRS can try several ways to collect your bill, including:

  •   Levies on your bank account
  •   Garnishing wages
  •   Liens on your home
  •   Block your passport

In rare cases, you might also face criminal charges and go to jail.

What Is The Best Tax Relief Program?

You deserve to work with a company that listens to you, learns about your situation, and meets your needs. IRS Tax Relief Network is a team of top tax professionals. We’ve successfully helped clients save tens of thousands of dollars from the IRS. 

You can transform your tax debt back into financial freedom. We offer a simple process plus wide availability. Call us from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday, for help on your case. Most of our clients never need to talk to the IRS themselves, making IRS Tax Relief Network an easy and low-stress solution.

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