If you have tax debt or troubles with the IRS, you’re in a hard situation. Tax problems often feel like they’re taking over your life. Tax relief help can put you on a path back to a normal life, but it’s important to work with a trustworthy company. Learn about Fortress Tax Review Services to see if this is a company you feel good about. 

What Is Fortress Debt Relief?

Fortress Tax Relief is a national tax resolution company that claims to help people around the country. Fortress debt relief offers a range of programs. They take clients who need help with the IRS as well as with state taxes. 

 What is Fortress Debt Relief? The Fortress Tax review services website lists the following services:

  •   Offer In Compromise or OIC
  •   Penalty abatement
  •   Installment agreements
  •   Trust fund recovery penalties
  •   Lien withdrawal or lien avoidance
  •   Sale of assets subject to tax lien 
  •   Certificate of Discharge
  •   Subordination of tax lien
  •   Tax account or tax transcript review
  •   Adjustment of taxable liability
  •   Innocent Spouse relief
  •   Creative tax relief solutions
  •   Currently not collectible
  •   Correcting IRS mistakes

Why Work With Fortress Tax Relief

Tax problems are a personal issue. When you need tax relief help, it’s important to work with a solid, reliable company. You should research Fortress Tax review services before signing up as their client. This research will help you know what to expect if you work with them.

Fortress Tax Relief lists the following benefits on their website:

  •   Business and individual services
  •   Tax relief attorneys handle every case
  •   Attorney bios are listed online
  •   Almost 20 years in business
  •   BBB accreditation
  •   Free consultations
  •   Phone or in-person services
  •   Multiple locations

Fortress Tax Review Services From Real Customers

Reading customer ratings and reviews can help you learn more about a company. Explore Fortress Tax Relief reviews online to see what other people think about these services.

Fortress Tax Relief BBB

4.76 out of 5 stars, 68 total reviews

This Fortress Tax Relief BBB complaint was posted 5 months before publication.

Fortress Tax Relief

Fortress Tax Relief Yelp Reviews

Despite being in business for almost 20 years, Fortress Tax Relief has no reviews on Yelp.

Fortress Tax Relief Facebook Reviews

Fortress Tax Relief also doesn’t have any reviews, ratings, or recommendations on Facebook.

Is Fortress Tax Relief A Good Company?

The Internet can help you learn about a company before you do business with them. Fortress Tax Relief has been in business for a long time but doesn’t have many user reviews available. You should also consider these red flags before becoming a Fortress Tax client.

  •   No reviews of any kind on Facebook or Yelp
  •   Facebook page is infrequently updated
  •   Their hours are 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., which can be inconvenient for working professionals
  •   No staff other than attorneys are listed on the website
  •   No CPAs or accountants listed on their team

 Does Tax Relief Hurt Your Credit?

Tax debt is a difficult problem to solve. If you owe the IRS money or owe back taxes, you might feel like your financial problems are controlling your entire life. Fortress Tax claims to offer a way out of tax debt. However, you need to make sure you can trust this company before working with them. 

The IRS provides numerous options for resolving a tax liability. The government may forgive your tax obligation under certain conditions. Many other people have been able to reach an agreement with the IRS. 

 The IRS would rather get some of your debt instead of none at all. They’re usually willing to work with you to reach an arrangement. These deals can help you save money and regain control of your budget. 

When you make a compromise with the IRS, it might make your credit score go down in the short term. You’ll need to budget for your new IRS payment. This might cut into your plans for paying other bills. An IRS compromise will help your finances in the long run, though. Getting out of tax debt helps improve your financial situation and eventually improve your credit.

 Keep an eye out for con artists and shady businesses. Some groups try to take advantage of people who are having financial difficulties. Don’t let a thief take advantage of you just because of your circumstances. Make sure to find tax relief help from a company you can trust.

 The Top Mistake People Make When Working With The IRS

Tax debt and IRS problems are frightening. It can be stressful to face facts when you’re receiving threatening letters, wage garnishments, tax penalties, or other collection measures. Many people are tempted to ignore the issue and just hope it will go away on its own.

 If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. It’s natural to dismiss your financial worries. However, this won’t help your problem. Your back taxes will not be forgotten by the government. The IRS can legally collect taxes up to taxes up to 10 years after they were due. They can wait a long time for you to pay.

 The IRS might use a variety of tactics to recover your money. The IRS employs lots of people who spend their days collecting money from people. They can try these collection tactics:

  •   Garnishing wages
  •   Denying future tax refunds
  •   Placing liens on your home
  •   Blocking your passport
  •   Filing criminal charges against you

 These collection methods can obviously make your life hard. You can’t plan for the future or get ahead in life with the IRS after you at every step.

What Are The Best IRS Tax Relief Programs?

If you’re dealing with tax issues, you have the right to work with a reputable firm. Learn all about your choices with a tax consultation from IRS Tax Relief Network. We’re here to help you discover your options. Our tax professionals use tried-and-true strategies to help you decrease your tax liability, avoid IRS fines, and repair your finances.

Hiring A Tax Relief Company

We’ve successfully resolved a wide range of tax issues. We can help solve your tax debt, misfiled returns, audits, and a variety of other issues. We also believe you should understand your tax relief help. That’s why give you a detailed timeline of your case at the IRS Tax Relief Network. This strategy will assist you in knowing what to expect at every step.

We make it simple to resolve your tax issues. Most of our clients never have to deal with the IRS on their own. We’re open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., making it easy to contact us. Give us a call right now to find out how we may help you resolve your tax debt.

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