Honest Tax has over 50 years of tax relief experience serving taxpayers. They are known to provide “honest answers” and to help their clients get “honest results.” 

At Honest Tax, there is a team of experienced and qualified enrolled agentsCPAs, tax attorneys, and other tax professionals available to help California taxpayers find resolutions for their tax debt and other tax issues. Working with Honest Tax is a good way to obtain trustworthy tax relief from an honest tax relief company. 

Honest Tax Relief– a Reputable Tax Relief Company

Honest Tax has worked hard to make itself a trusted and recognizable name in the tax resolution industry in order to stand above the many fraudulent tax relief companies out there. Having signed celebrity and economist Ben Stein on as its official spokesperson, Honest Tax relief has made strides in its efforts towards building a positive reputation. Stein has become the face and voice of the company, appearing in ads and on the website. 

To add to their credibility, Honest Tax is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has multiple positive customer reviews, as well as no customer complaints. They have a proven track record of success and a strong public presence. 

Experienced, Caring Team

The team at Honest Tax is made up of caring and understanding employees who want to help taxpayers find relief in their circumstances. They are qualified tax professionals who use their skills and knowledge as they provide each client with an honest assessment of their situation and what the expected resolution will be. 

The team at Honest Tax does not take on every customer that comes their way. Instead, they assess each situation to determine whether or not they will be able to provide the help the case needs for a satisfactory resolution

When the team at Honest Tax decides they will be able to help, they work tirelessly to provide the assistance the case needs. Using constant communication, they keep their customers updated throughout the entire tax relief process, informing them every step of the way.

They work to stop the back taxes collection process and begin negotiations with the IRS on their clients’ behalf. 

When you hire Honest Tax, the professional team will let you know the best course of relief for your specific situation. Whether you are seeking an offer-in-compromise or another type of beneficial tax resolution, they will help you apply and will represent your case in front of the IRS. 

Through weekly update calls, they will share the status of your case with you, ensuring that you are aware of the progress.  They will help you feel at ease as you await your back taxes resolution

Expert Tax Professionals Reviewing Your Returns

Honest Tax is made up of a team of professionals including enrolled agents, tax attorneys, and CPAs. They are qualified and able to represent you in front of the IRS with their extensive tax law knowledge. 

When you work with Honest Tax, these experts will review your previous tax returns, making sure you did not miss any deductions or expenses. They make sure you received the payment you deserve from previous filings and that you are set for limited tax liability in the future. 

This review and preparation help you eliminate any potential future back taxes

Offering a Free Consultation

Honest Tax offers potential clients a free consultation. They look at each tax situation and determine if they will be able to help. By having a free consultation with Honest Tax, you’ll find out if your situation qualifies for their tax relief services and how much you can expect to save. With no obligation, you can discover if Honest Tax is the right tax relief company for you. 

Providing a 10-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Many customers will be given a 10-day money-back guarantee when they work with Honest Tax. If you do not have wage garnishments, bank levies, tax liens, or immediate collection notices, you may qualify for their 10-day refund. However, clients who need tax audit defense or require immediate representation are not eligible for the money-back guarantee. 

Honest Tax Relief CompanyTax Relief Services

Honest Tax offers multiple tax relief services, making them a top choice for almost any tax situation. Many tax relief companies only have a handful of tax professionals on their team and cannot offer a full set of tax relief services. With the tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs that work for Honest Tax, most tax options are available for your back taxes

Honest Tax provides representation during a tax audit, helps end collection calls, and can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. No matter how much your tax debt is, the team at Honest Tax can work to reduce the amount and settle your back taxes once and for all. 

Ending Liens, Levies, and Wage Garnishments

Certain tax situations lead to having bank liens, tax levies, and wage garnishments placed on the taxpayer. These penalties can be devastating for the individual and can make it harder for them to get out of debt. Fortunately, Honest Tax specializes in ending liens, levies, and wage garnishments, giving taxpayers the opportunity to pay their back taxes. 

Get Help with an IRS Tax Audit

The tax attorneys at Honest Tax have a keen understanding of tax law. They will be able to help you get out of trouble with the IRS and may be able to reduce your future tax burden. If you’re being audited by the IRS, you need the help of a qualified and experienced tax attorney from Honest Tax. You can get the tax resolution you need and have aggressive collection tactics stopped. Honest Tax relief services will help you breathe again. 

Finding Tax Relief Assistance

There are many tax relief companies to help you with your tax debt. Honest Tax is one professional, expert tax relief company among others. 

However, if you’re looking for the best, the IRS Tax Relief Network is a high-quality tax relief company specializing in every aspect of tax preparation and tax relief. No matter where you are, what you owe, or what your tax situation is, the IRS Tax Relief Company can help. 

Does the IRS Forgive Tax Debt?

While it is rare for the IRS to forgive tax debt completely, there are tax relief plans that can help ease the burden of back taxes and settle them for good. The IRS Tax Relief Network will determine the best program for your situation and will help you through it as you settle your tax debt. However, if you can prove that you have a hardship qualifying you for currently-not-collectible status, your tax debt may be completely forgiven. 

Talk to the IRS Tax Relief Network to find out which tax relief program is right for you. Start getting out of tax debt today. Click the image below to get your free (unlimited) consultation with a tax expert.

tax expert

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