When you’re experiencing financial hardships from tax debt and delinquent taxes due, where can you turn? For many, finding a reputable service provider can be the lifesaver they need. But finding the right service provider is crucial.

To best help you find the tax resolution service you need, it’s important to know what the company does, how they can help you, and the characteristics of a reputable and disreputable company.

What Is A Tax Relief Company?

The definition of a tax relief company is a service provider that aims to help individuals in financial distress. This financial distress, in this case, is a result of unpaid taxes to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS).

A tax resolution company will, first and foremost, help to negotiate and settle the unresolved tax issues. Because these can have a lasting financial impact on the consumers affected by them, this should be the main focus of any good company.

Along the way, they will provide you with the expert guidance and resources you need to work better with the IRS. Because the IRS and tax law are so complicated, having an expert to guide you through the ins and outs of them is invaluable.

How A Tax Relief Service Can Help

There are several ways a tax relief company can relieve your financial stress. To start, they can work to reduce the total amount of back taxes that you have to pay. They will do this by negotiating a settlement.

They can also help to resolve unfiled claims and missing returns. These are legal documents that consumers are required to file. Without them, tax issues are inevitable. With the help of an expert, you can resolve these missing forms and documents.

Best of all, a tax service will negotiate with the IRS to create a realistic solution to pay off the delinquent debt. This agreement should be made to benefit the consumer so they can get out of debt and continue to enjoy their lives.

How Do I Pick The Right Tax Help Service?

Because tax debt is such a complex issue, picking the right company is crucial for successfully getting out of debt. There are some hallmarks of a trustworthy service.

Ensure Legitimacy of a Company

Knowing how a company is viewed in the eyes of the government is the first step to knowing whether they are legitimate or not.

The FTC monitors consumer reports to look for any claims that a company is fraudulent or misleading. By monitoring these reports, these disreputable companies can be identified and shut down quickly. However, it’s important to be aware of this resource in researching honest tax professionals. 

The signs of a fraudulent or misleading company, as far as the FTC goes, is they are a company that:

-Make substantial claims, yet fail to provide the expected results.
-Charge significant premiums, resulting in a consumer ending up in more debt than before.

In order to protect yourself, you should be sure to read consumer reports and check for any FTC complaints before hiring a tax expert. You should also know the characteristics of a reliable tax debt service.

Qualities to Look For in an IRS Tax Relief Program

While there are many characteristics to look for in a reputable tax services company, these few qualities are the first you should look for:

A Proven History of Results

If you were to buy a product, you would want to be sure that it has a strong history of positive results. If you were looking for a doctor, you would want one with plenty of long-term patients who have shown improvement. The same is true of a tax resolution service.

Among the first things, you should look for is the proven history of results. By doing simple, basic internet research, you’ll be able to see the efficacy of a company. You should check for:

-Consumer reviews
-Online recommendations

Along with checking the social proof that a tax company is worth hiring, you should check with the institutions that are in charge of managing and monitoring companies. The IRS and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) should be your first stop. Check both for red-flag reports and complaints submitted by consumers.

These basic forms of due diligence will ultimately protect you from hiring a fraudulent, misleading, or ineffective company. While doing the research takes time, it pays off in the end.

Transparency Regarding Fees and Service Charges

A tax Debt Service is meant to be assisting people who are in financial straits. It’s expected that you would pay for these specialized services, but how much is too much? What should you expect?

Having transparency in what fees and service charges they will expect you to pay is the hallmark of a reputable company. From the beginning, they should be upfront about the fees and never hide any additional charges.

On their website and in your communication with them, you should be able to easily locate expected fees and other charges. You might find these on your personal account with the company or a customer portal. As long as there is a place where you can see all charges, past and present, you are working with an honest, professional tax relief service.

Above all, never sign a contract if you don’t know exactly how much you’re expected to pay. If you have any questions about the fees and charges, you should clarify them before signing a contract and becoming obligated to pay something.

The Expertise Of Staff And Company

If you had to have surgery, would you rather be operated on by a brand new surgeon or a surgeon with years of experience? While they both went to medical school, there’s something to be said for length of experience. The same is true for a tax relief service.

Seek a company that’s well-versed in all relevant tax regulations, as well as federal tax law. Depending on your level of debt, you could end up working with a licensed expert. You should make sure to check on their training and expertise, as well.

Be sure to ask a potential company about their:


Minimum Requirements for Assistance

Some companies will have minimum requirements that you need to meet. Ask about any minimum requirements and be sure that you meet the qualifications before hiring a company. They should be transparent and open about any requirements, rather than having you work to figure them out.

Money-Back Guarantee

One of the most important things a company should have is a money-back guarantee. You are paying them to help you get out of a financial hole and you shouldn’t have to risk your finances more to do that.

How Integrity Tax Relief Can Help

At Integrity, we are here to help you find your financial freedom again. With our three-step process, you can find the tax help that you want.


It all starts with a completely free consultation. By answering our questions, we can find the best solution for your specific tax situation. We’ll also verify with the IRS and State Franchise Tax Board to make sure you meet the qualifications for assistance.


Next, we will take two to four weeks to establish our communication with the IRS and the State. During that process, we’ll dive into the specifics of your case. After we file for power of attorney, we’ll file for your tax account transcripts and return transcripts.

With those documents, we’ll identify the answers to three critical questions:
-How much do you owe?
-Have you been compliant in filing all returns with the IRS and the State?
-Do you have any pending collections?

Along with that, we’ll stop or prevent any aggressive collection tactics like:
-Bank levies
-Wage garnishments
-Asset seizures

With all that in place, we’ll create a full analysis of your tax debt and create a comprehensive list of your resolution options, complete with our tailored recommendations for your case.


Finally, we’ll spend between three and nine months to resolve your tax debt, starting with establishing your IRS and State compliance. Our goal: to help you meet your obligations and get back on your feet financially.

We’ll pursue a settlement or an agreement between you and the IRS or State on an amount you’ll pay that’s less than what you originally owed. This will release you from:

-Seizures of Bank Accounts
-Seizures of Property

Ready to Find Financial Freedom?

Tax debt doesn’t have to drag your finances down. With Integrity Tax Relief, you can pay your tax debt off and regain the financial freedom you deserve. To get started, call and consult with a tax resolution agency today and start your journey out of tax debt and back into financial health.

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