If you’re in need of a tax relief services company, then you’ve decided it’s time to let someone else help you with your taxes or tax debt. You may need assistance just filing your taxes or you may already owe a significant amount of money, like millions of Americans who are unable to make their tax payments to the IRS. When someone finds themself in this situation, they want an experienced tax expert who can educate and assist them with the available options. Tax relief can stand between you and lost wages or property, but trusting someone else to help you out of what feels like an impossible situation can be scary.

When your money is involved, it can feel like there is a lot at stake. This means it’s essential to find someone you trust. To do so, it’s important to do your research beforehand. Picking the best tax relief services company means looking at what makes a reputable firm. Tax relief providers should act as go-betweens between you and the IRS, with the aim of reducing the debt you owe, resolving missing tax documents, and negotiating payment plans to make paying off remaining debt easier. We’ll be taking a look at Priority Tax Relief using these criteria to get a better idea of what to look for in a tax relief services company. Priority Tax Relief is a firm located in Pasadena, California that specializes in tax negotiation and settlement.

Here are some of the key questions to ask about your potential tax relief firm, that we’ve applied to Priority Tax Relief:

Is the Company Legitimate?

When it comes to dealing with money, it is imperative to make sure the person or company you’re dealing with is legitimate. In this case, being legitimate means a firm is certified to do business and has a good track record. It’s possible to check consumer reports and reviews ahead of time to make sure that there is no fraudulent activity on the part of the company. If a company is leaving clients with more debt than they began with, it’s a big red flag.

According to its website, they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), meaning that at the least it is a legitimate business.

How Long Have They Been in Business?

If a company has only been in business a short time, that isn’t an automatic red flag, but it does make it harder to assess them. Sometimes new companies will try to incentivize new customers with flashy deals, but it might be best to avoid these. Your money is at stake and it’s not advised to take a chance on a brand new company without any proven results or experience.

They have been in business for 27 years, which is a significant amount of time for any type of business, and should mean they have a lot of client testimonials over the years. However, just because a company has been around a long time does not automatically make them qualified, and so it’s necessary to ask further questions.

Is There a Minimum Requirement for Service?

This is one of the earliest questions you should ask before continuing your assessment of a company. That’s because a minimum requirement can disqualify you from being accepted as a client. A minimum requirement for service means that some companies will not take on clients with less debt than a certain amount, because the pay off for them would not be worth taking on the case. If you do not meet a requirement, it would be a waste of time to move forward with the company. A worthwhile firm will inform you of a minimum requirement during your first inquiry.

They do not appear to have a minimum requirement, but it’s always important to inquire before moving on to other businesses.

Is There a Proven History of Results?

Looking at how other customers have fared with a company is a great way to verify their ability to help you. It’s best to conduct some basic internet research and read any consumer reviews and testimonials you may find. It’s better to find these at a third-party review site rather than on the business’s own website. You can also check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints against the company.

The company has a number of positive reviews on their site from previous clients, however, it’s worth it to note that when reading something on a business’ website it’s not always possible to verify the accuracy as the source is not a third party.

Are They Transparent About Costs and Fees?

While many companies may seem as though their only goal is to assist you, making a profit requires charging a fee or taking a percentage of the amount of money you are rewarded. There can be a huge variety in the costs and fees associated with tax relief. Make sure ahead of time to get in writing exactly what a service will cost you, to avoid unexpected charges. A good tip is to avoid any company that is vague about costs before you’ve already committed.

The Tax Experts working for this company mention that their fees are based on the workload necessary to solve a case, which is quite vague. However, it goes on to say that clients will be quoted a fixed fee after undergoing a consultation.

How many experiences Do They Have?

As stated previously, it’s important to distinguish time in business from a positive experience. A positive experience means many successful cases of reducing debt for their clients. Evidence of this can be the expertise of their employees, who should be well-versed in tax law and policy. An experienced tax professional should have certifications to back up their competence.

The Tax Agency mentions that every case is handled by their CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and Attorneys. At some companies, the case may be passed off to a lower-level employee, so it’s important to track who is handling your situation at all times.

Do They Provide a Money-Back Guarantee?

When you’re already overwhelmed at owing money to the IRS, the prospect of losing more can be daunting. Many reputable tax relief professionals will offer money-back guarantees. They do this to prove their ability to get you the results you need, or your money back. If not, what assurance do you have that you are in good hands?

Priority Tax Relief does not mention a money-back guarantee in its promotional literature. While the company holds up against some of these criteria, for a tax relief services company that checks all the boxes of a reputable, upfront, and successful partner in assisting you with your needs, look no further than irstaxreliefnetwork.com

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