If you’re living with tax debt, a tax relief service can help solve your financial struggles. These companies offer a way to handle your problems so you can get your life under control again. The companies all claim to offer a similar service. This is why it’s important to do your research before you agree to start working with them. Every business has a unique system. Customer service levels can also be different depending on the company. 

Success Tax Relief serves people, families, and small businesses. If you’re looking for help with your taxes, they can step in. Explore more about this company and learn about the options for solving your back taxes.

Success Tax Relief Complaints

Success Tax Relief is a newer company but they have lots of experience. Their staff has more than 60 years of experience helping people solve tax problems. This company is located in Houston, Texas. This agency prefers to work with clients face-to-face whenever possible. This is great if you feel the same way and live in the Houston area. If you live someplace else, you can still work with them over the phone.

As a new company, they are not a very large business. They don’t have a large staff. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you think about it. This firm can be a good fit for you if you like working with a small group of staff. 

On the other hand, it may be hard for them to take care of lots of clients at once. They might struggle to help all their customers. If you like to work with a small business, then Success Tax Relief might be perfect for you. If you’d rather have a large, reliable team of experts on your side, consider IRS Tax Relief Network as a more versatile alternative.

Do Tax Resolution Services Really Work?

Tax Services focus on helping you solve your tax problems. Every tax situation is different. There are lots of different strategies to use for different problems. They offer a variety of services, which is a good sign. The Tax Help Service can design a custom plan for your needs.

Success provides the following services:

  • Offer in Compromise (OIC)
  • Tax preparation
  • Audit support
  • Installment plans
  • Settle back taxes
  • Stop liens, levies, and garnishments
  • Submit unfiled tax returns
  • Stop interest and penalties
  • Audit appeal or audit representation
  • Innocent spouse and reasonable installment plans

These services are all common strategies that can work for many different people. If you’re having tax trouble, these plans show that they are ready to help you. Tax problems are one of their main services. However, this company also performs basic bookkeeping and other financial services. 

How Do Tax Relief Companies Work?

Success Tax Relief and others offer a free consultation to help you learn more. You can call a toll-free number at any time to get started. They have a free 24/7 phone number so you can call at the time that’s best for you. During your call, you’ll talk to a tax expert about your situation. The company will want to know about your finances, taxes, and more so they can build a plan for you.

After your free call, they will design your tax plan. This plan will help you escape collections, harassment, and threatening phone calls about your debt. Your plan will also be designed to solve your problem in the best way for you. It might include a compromise offer, payment plan, or another tool.

If you decide to work with them, you’ll enroll in one of their programs. Success Tax Relief (STR) will act on your behalf with the IRS or state tax agency that’s harassing you. You’ll work with their expert team throughout the process. Their staff will be your mediator and advocate with the tax agencies.

STR says that they value transparency, compassion, and responsive service with their clients. They aim to solve your problems using a realistic plan that you can afford. Once a client enrolls in a plan, they keep them updated at every step. However, it’s hard to find out more about their services from their website. They don’t have a list of prices for their plans. This makes it hard for clients to research them before calling.

Tax Debt Settlement Solution

Success Tax Relief wants to help people understand the system. This company is driven to educate all consumers, not just their own clients. There are a couple of ways you can learn more.

You can make a free consultation call if you have tax debt. They will help you learn about the situation and explore your options.

If you don’t owe a debt or aren’t ready to make your free call, you can learn more online. They post a blog on their website. Their articles are full of free information to help you learn more about taxes, finance, and money in general.


They are a small company and they keep an open door policy. If you work with them, you’ll get to know the staff and understand their plans. Success Tax Relief is located in Houston, Texas. You can choose to work with them in person, which is something that larger companies can’t always offer. If you care about meeting face-to-face, this is a nice perk.

Who Do I Go to For Tax Advice?

Like IRS Tax Relief Network and many other companies, STR offers free consultations. This phone call is a great way to talk to an expert, learn about your options, and see what you can do about your tax debt.

Success Tax Relief offers a small-company experience that can be valuable for some customers. It’s easy to learn some of your options thanks to their free blog and phone consultations. If you live in the Houston area or like to work with a small group of people, they might be right for you. However, if you want to work with a bigger team or to explore plans ahead of time, click here to learn about our options and see how we can help you. 

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