Paying taxes is always a pain, but nothing hurts worse than owing and not being able to pay. If you’re late and made the wrong decisions, you might owe more than your budget can handle. Maybe you just got unlucky, and now you’re behind. The truth is when you owe the IRS back taxes; the reasons don’t seem to matter. They want their money, and you have to pay. It might surprise you to know these reasons can be important. How much you owe, and even how long you’ve owned it, can be the difference between a price you can handle and a debt that can crush you. 

All the decisions about back taxes and how to pay can be too much to wrap your head around. That’s when businesses like tax relief service companies come into play. You need professionals to help you when you have a large debt. Tax law is hard, and it’s complicated. If you can get experts on your side, it can lower your bill or even make parts of it disappear. It’s not easy, and there are no guarantees. If you find the right tax relief service company, though, you might be surprised how things can turn around. 


The tax relief service is a business that helps someone with their unpaid taxes. They’re not exactly a legal service. They help you get through legal issues, but it’s not like hiring a lawyer. The tax relief service knows tax law and how to get the numbers working for you again. They give you expert advice and guide you step by step in handling your tax issues. The best companies have a lot of experience. You want somebody who’s been in a fight before and knows how to win. A good company can help you lower your taxes, bargain with the IRS, and get rid of penalties and fines. 

Having a pro watch your back and fight for you is how you get on your feet again. A good tax relief service company eases your mind by helping you end the nightmare of worry and debt. 

How to Choose a Good Tax Relief Service

To find the right tax relief service company for you there are six important things to look for. 


You have to be able to depend on the person who’s helping you. Anyone can promise to help, but can they deliver? Search through their website, their advertising, their social media, and see if there are any warning signs. Are there any reviews online that raise red flags? Check with the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau to make sure the company has a good record. Usually, if they’re doing a good job, people will say so. Likewise, they’ll also complain if the company left them unhappy. 


Is the company a proven winner? Do they take care of their clients and get results? Check to see if they keep to their timetables. Also, find out if people are getting what they paid for. Does the company help you out of your tax mess, or do they just take your money and offer excuses? 


Make sure there are no hidden costs. A good company puts all the cards on the table. The tax code is a maze, but it’s the company’s job to guide you through it. If fees pop up later, or they tell you now you need to pay more, they either don’t know their job, or they’re cheating you. Make sure you have in writing how much their services cost and exactly what will be delivered. 


A tax relief service company should have professionals and experts working for it. If they barely know more than you do, then why would you pay? Your money is buying their know-how. Make sure the people on your case will be knowledgeable and dependable. 


This is an important but often overlooked item. Does the company only take cases of a certain dollar amount? Do they treat clients differently if they don’t think they’ll get a big payday from their case? You want people to take your tax problems as seriously as you do. Test the company to see if they give the attention you know you deserve. 


Finally, you need a company that guarantees their work. If you’re in debt for back taxes, you’re probably paying interest and fees that get higher daily. If a company doesn’t solve your problem, you’ll be worse off when you’re done. You need them to take responsibility if they don’t live up to their claims. 

What Do You Need The Tax Relief Service To Do?

The question you need to ask yourself is “What problem are you really looking to get solved when you look for a good Tax Relief Services Company?” There are three basic questions that must get answered. 

What is IRS Back-Tax Relief?

One of the main things that tax relief service companies help you do is get the IRS to lower or drop some of your debt. Most people don’t know this is a real option. The IRS has several ways to let you pay less. It’s a complex process and one with a lot of parts. You’ll need a professional helping you. It’s best if that person or company by your side has the experience and confidence to do the job.

Can I Negotiate with the IRS Myself?

The short answer to that, of course, is yes. There are many requirements, though, and many of them are technical. The more knowledgeable you are the better. Once again, it helps to have a trained professional with you. 

How Can I Get The IRS Penalty Waived?

Whatever the IRS is charging you for being late the way to get it removed is probably not clear. There are so many penalties and so many reasons for waiving them (or not) that only an expert can figure it out smoothly and quickly. Just like with the other two questions, you need a pro with a good track record to hold your hand and get you to the finish. 

Case Study – Fidelity Tax Relief

Now that we’ve talked about what we need a tax relief service company to do, let’s look at a real-world example. Fidelity Tax Relief is a company we can examine to see if it fits our needs. We’ll use the six requirements we talked about earlier to decide how to rate Fidelity. We could do the same with any company. We just choose them now to make a point. 

Remember, the qualities we look for are Reliability and Legitimacy, Track Record, Honest Fees, Experience, Client Threshold, and Guarantee and Warranty. A quick look at Fidelity Tax Relief shows that they pass the Reliability and Legitimacy test okay. They seem to be a real company doing business. They have a history you can look into and examine. Their Track Record and Honest Fees are a mixed bag, however. Even though they have some really good reviews online, there are several negative reviews on government watchdog sites, and some of their old clients tell horror stories. 

Fidelity Tax Relief doesn’t seem to keep people away with a Client Threshold. Their Guarantee and Warranty is poor, however. They appear to break promises and not deliver on time. Overall the company leaves a so-so impression. They have a lot of experience, but they don’t always come through. Their happy clients seem very happy, but their unhappy clients suffer terribly. 

Another company, IRS Tax Relief Network, is an example of what you want to look for. They avoid some of Fidelity’s mistakes by making their experts available throughout the tax relief process. They guarantee their work and don’t seem to have any complaints from clients. IRS Tax Relief Network has nearly as much experience as Fidelity. They also provide the same services. Between the two companies, IRS Tax Relief Network comes out the stronger. They promise their clients a result and come through more consistently.

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