People who are struggling with over $25,000 in tax debt need somewhere to turn for help. ALG Tax Solutions is a tax resolution company with over ten years of experience walking clients through tax debt relief. 

Based in Howell, Michigan, the ALG group provides expert guidance and even IRS negotiations for clients dealing with tax problems. The results-oriented team at ALG is made up of certified public accountants, enrolled agents, and other experienced tax professionals, who can easily help with any tax debt issues. 

It’s important for taxpayers to understand that only those with certain legal specialties can represent your case and negotiate directly with the IRS. At ALG Tax Solutions, you will find a team of legal representatives who can present your case and help you find the tax solutions you need. 

User Reviews of ALG Tax Solutions

Clients of ALG claim that ALG Tax Solutions is a top choice for tax relief for those who owe $25,000 or more in tax debt. With high-quality service and a capable, expert team, ALG is known for helping its clients get the results they are looking for. Take a look at these ALG features:

Tax Services

With ALG Tax Solutions, you will find an experienced team that will take the time to get to know you and your unique tax situation. They will be able to help you develop a plan to deal effectively with the IRS. Those who have high tax debt will find a host of essential tax relief services through ALG. 

Common tax services offered by ALG include: 

  • Fresh Start Program
  • Offers-in-Compromise
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Currently Non-Collectible 
  • Federal Tax Lien Assistance
  • Audit Representation
  • Penalty Relief
  • Tax Representation

The team at ALG can help taxpayers determine the best program for their needs and develop a plan to help get results. If you’ve received an IRS letter, you will want to contact a company that knows the next steps and is ready to help you through the situation. 

Get an expert team to evaluate your tax situation and determine the best course of action, including which tax services you are qualified for. Once you have reached out to ALG, you’ll need to supply your private tax information so that the professionals will be able to help you decide which program you should apply for. 

Once a course of action is set up, the team will assist you through the application process. After approval, ALG Tax Solutions will continue to help you by negotiating with the IRS on your behalf. Negotiations can take months, sometimes up to a year. Your team will help you along the way until you get the results you need. 


When working with ALG, client costs depend on multiple factors. More difficult and involved cases will have higher prices, while the simplest cases can cost next to nothing. 

At ALG Tax Solutions, there is an initial fee at the beginning, ranging from $250 to $500. After the initial fee, there is a flat fee that depends on the amount of work that the client needs. Fees can be paid all at once or over time if an agreement is reached and a contract is signed. 

Common Considerations

Customer service is an important consideration when choosing a tax relief company. Operators should be knowledgeable in tax resolution and should be able to answer any questions that they have. It’s important that you work with a company that has the understanding and compassion to guide you through the tax relief process. Tax debt can feel overwhelming and you need someone on your side who can help. 

ALG Tax Solutions focuses on making the entire tax resolution process, from start to finish, as painless as possible. From open communication to top-notch customer service to clarity on prices, ALG has created a seamless program for tax relief services

Their website includes a tax letter tool decoder that allows taxpayers to look up the number of their letters. The decoder will provide the user with information, including what the letter means, why they have received the letter, and what options they have for resolution. The tax letter decoder is the first step in ease for taxpayers when it comes to resolving their tax issues

Tax Relief 

The team at ALG Tax Solutions is ready to serve people in need of tax relief help, as long as they can meet the requirements set forth by the IRS. This means that taxpayers will need to show proof of their financial situation among other qualifications in order to have their case looked at by ALG. 

If a potential client does not meet the requirements, the ALG group will not be able to negotiate with the IRS. Make sure that your taxes have been filed and that you’re ready to provide proof of your financial circumstances to ALG. 

IRS Tax Relief Network 

The best place to turn when you have unpaid taxes and are facing levies and penalties from the IRS is the IRS Tax Relief Network. A full tax resolution company with a team that’s able to deal with the IRS on your behalf, IRS Tax Relief Network gets things accomplished for their clients. From installment arrangements to Offers-in-Compromise to Currently Non-Collectible, IRS Tax Relief Network provides the services taxpayers need to move forward. 

Anyone who needs help with their tax debt will find a top-notch, experienced team at IRS Tax Relief Network – Experienced Tax Resolution Experts. Instead of ignoring your tax debt or going through the process alone, find people who understand the process, who are skilled at dealing with the IRS, and who are ready to walk beside you. There is a relief at the end of the process and you can move past your tax debt. Don’t wait another day. 

ALG Tax Solutions