When notices begin coming in from the Internal Revenue Services, it can be scary. You may wonder what havoc they could wreak in your life. While it is important to address any IRS debt, all is not lost when the notices arrive.  This just means it is time to seek help. The notices are their way of opening the lines of communication.  Handling this situation can be difficult.  This is when Spectrum Tax Relief can step in and help you navigate your conversations and negotiations with the IRS.

Do Tax Relief Companies Really Work?

The Internal Revenue Service has a complicated list of laws and regulations that are often hard to figure out.  A tax relief company can help you with information, advice, and the right options for your situation. There are several solutions available, and with the right tax relief company, you can choose the one that is right for you.

Ignoring tax debt is never the answer. Dealing with the IRS does not have to be stressful. Good tax relief companies are there to help you develop a realistic and achievable strategy to overcome your issues.  And they will handle the communications and complete the paperwork on your behalf.

 Check the Boxes

There are several things to look for when choosing a tax relief company.  We’ll go through them and see how Spectrum Tax Relief checks off all the boxes.

  • Your tax relief company should have a licensed tax professional to help weed through your situation and determine the best solution for you to pay off your debt. These professionals are license to represent you with the IRS and have the experience and knowledge to work through your tax situation. You will need a licensed Enrolled Agent, Certified Public Accountant, or Tax Attorney. Spectrum Tax Relief has CPAs, Tax Attorney’s, and IRS enrolled agents to help you get results.
  • Your tax relief company should charge reasonable fees for their services.  Spectrum Tax Relief charges affordable rates that vary depending on the amount of tax debt you owe and the appropriate solution.
  • Your tax relief company should not offer specific guarantees or promise to simply eliminate your tax debt. Spectrum Tax Relief is a reputable company that knows that requirements are necessary for certain programs. Not all clients will be qualified to get pennies on the dollar relief.  Spectrum professionals will explain all the options that you meet the qualifications for.
  • Your tax company should have a favorable Better Business Bureau Rating.  A+ rating companies are at the top of their class.  Spectrum Tax Relief has an A+ rating with the BBB. They also have IRS Power of Attorney in all 50 states.
  • Your tax relief company should provide good customer service and be responsive.  Spectrum Tax Relief is responsive, offers full explanations of their tax services, and customizes the service they provide to each client.
  • Tax Relief companies should help alleviate your stress when dealing with the IRS and provide the best tax solution for you. Spectrum Tax Relief does this by relieving or reducing your debt or negotiating relief programs and by helping you avoid ending up in the same situation.

If you are overwhelmed and the letters are piling up, give Spectrum Tax Relief a call.  Spectrum’s professionals offer over 30 years of combined experience in the accounting, debt, and tax industries. They specialize in taxation and represent taxpayers and their tax relief needs. The IRS Tax Relief Network is dedicated to helping taxpayers find the best solutions for their tax situations.  We are proud to present to you the best in the industry. 

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