Tax burdens make you feel trapped and alone.  When the IRS is after you, it can seem like any move you make will be the wrong one.  Even though you made mistakes and got in financial trouble, you don’t want to be crushed by those mistakes.  You’re not trying to escape responsibility, but you want to be responsible in a way that lets you live your life.  What a real tax professional will tell you is sometimes your mistakes can be your way out.  The reasons that caused your tax troubles actually matter.  Often the process that got you in debt holds the key to getting you out of it.  This is especially true where the IRS is concerned.  You might be able to handle the debt, depending on the amount you owe and how the debt got started. 

Tax relief service companies can help in those situations.  You need experts to get you out of trouble.  A trained tax attorney or accountant can find their way through obstacles you thought were insurmountable.  You want someone who’s honest and knows the rules.  With the right professionals helping you the nightmare can end.  A tax relief service company has people who can take you on the winding path back to financial stability.  You have to go step by step and fix the problems you made, repairing them literally one by one.  

Do Tax Relief Companies Really Help?

A company that specializes in helping people with taxes is just what you need when you have tax issues.  The trick is to find a company you can trust.  There are a few things to look for when you’re making your choice.  Though each element is important, some businesses may be stronger in one area more than in others.  

  • Doing Proper Business  –  You need a company that’s doing business the right way.  You want people who are honest.  Do online research and look for companies with good reviews and few complaints.  Look into their past.  See if they had problems with the law.  Check with business groups like the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and state agencies.  Good businesses have good reputations, and bad ones usually have just the opposite.  
  • Company History  –  See how the company treated customers.  Do they keep on schedule?  Are they winners?  Do they listen?  Make sure they’re worth the money.  If they can’t do the job for you, you need to find someone else.  
  • Fair Pricing  –  Does the company charge a fair rate?  Do they have hidden fees?  How do they compare to other companies?  Remember, they’re supposed to help you, not take advantage of you.  Find out what they charge upfront, and make them stick to it.  
  • Experience –  It always helps to go with someone who’s been there before.  Experts usually do a better job, and you need the best advice when dealing with tax issues and penalties.  
    • Client Servicing  –  Sometimes companies don’t do their best if they think a customer is low on cash.  You need people who fight for you, not a group that just sees you as a meal ticket.  
  • Guarantees  –  The company doesn’t have to go as far as a money-back guarantee, but they do have to stand behind their work.  If you have tax debt, you’re already losing money.  You need someone who takes your situation as seriously as you do.  

Do I Need a Tax Relief Company?

A few questions will help you decide whether you need a tax relief company.  Answer these carefully to clarify what services you actually need.  

  • Can I talk To The IRS On My Own?   You can obviously go it alone with the IRS.  The danger, of course, is not knowing what you’re doing.  You definitely need an expert to deal with the tax code.  It’s complicated.  The ins and outs are hard for even professionals to navigate.  Don’t add to your problems by trying to save money at the wrong time, especially for all the wrong reasons.  
  • What Kind Of Tax Relief Do You Need?   You may need help with back tax relief or handling unfiled taxes.  Maybe your problem is a lien or garnishment.  You may even need help with an audit.  The bottom line is you want to owe as little as possible.  That’s why you need a professional who can get it done for you.  
  • What Will Make The IRS Waive Its Penalties?   When you deal with the IRS there are always fees and interest.  They make you pay for being late.  Costs and penalties crop up everywhere. Despite all this, the IRS isn’t always the unstoppable monster they appear to be.  Believe it or not, they sometimes let certain fees go.  If you have the right circumstances and the timing is right, a tax expert can show you how to avoid paying some penalties altogether.  

Advance Tax Relief Review

Now that we have some rules of the road, why don’t we check out one of the industry’s tax relief service companies?  We’ll look at Advance Tax Relief (ATR) and see how they measure up.  Our standards are still the same:  1). Doing Proper Business, 2). Company History, 3). Fair Pricing, 4). Experience, 5). Client Flexibility, and 6).Guarantees.  We’ll judge them by these criteria and see if they’re a company we can trust to help us.  

ATR seems to be doing proper business.  Their site lists an ‘A+’ Better Business Bureau rating.  Their clients leave good testimonials and their staff has years of experience.  They seem dedicated to their customers and committed to getting them relief.  No red flags or stop signs pop up when you look into them. They seem to be a good business, operating just as they say they do.  

Another company worth giving a look at is IRS Tax Relief Network.  Like Advance Tax Relief, they appear reputable and reliable.  Their tax experts guide you from start to finish.  They have decades of experience, and they deliver for their clients.  To connect with them, please complete a form at irstaxreliefnetwork.com/ or simply call (1-800-829-6363)

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