Are you facing mounting IRS tax debt and receiving letters every day? You are not the only one. Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service can be frightening. You do not know the rules or how to navigate the landscape. Therefore, making sure you choose the right tax relief service for your needs is important.

You are choosing your tax advocate so you need to devote the time to find a reputable company that can help you through these difficult times. Here we will break down the signs that you are dealing with a trustworthy company.

We also include the red flags that can tell you that you should stay away from a company. Choosing a company like First Class Tax Relief can help you solve your tax debt.

What Is Tax Debt Relief?

Tax relief companies help those with financial debts that are piling up and putting them in jeopardy with the Internal Revenue Service. They work to negotiate your debt or find other solutions to resolve your tax problems.

These tax companies also can give you the expert guidance you need while trying to navigate the complicated IRS processes.

How Can a Tax Relief Company Help Me?

Qualified tax relief experts can serve as a go-between helping individuals resolve their back taxes and reduce costly federal tax penalties. They can reduce the amount you owe, help you get those unfiled or missing returns in, or negotiating with the IRS to deliver a realistic solution to get you back on the right track.

Are Tax Resolution Companies Trustworthy?

You do not want to pick up a phone book or Google a company and go with the first one you see. Some companies make outrageous claims and then simply take your money and do nothing. Those who are not trustworthy can also create a larger problem for you. Instead, you want to make an informed decision when choosing tax experts. There are ways to ensure that you are working with a reputable company.

The internet has given us great power. With any search engine, you can check out the backgrounds of the companies you are considering. You can also find licensing information and check their BBB rating. Check their score, the number of complaints they have, and if there were any lawsuits filed.

The Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing Tax Professionals

There are certain features to look for in a tax relief service that will help to differentiate them from the rest. These providers are adept at assisting taxpayers in getting past the debts that are holding them back. When choosing a tax relief company, make sure that they:

– Have a Proven History of Getting Results – run them on your favorite search engine. Look for any consumer reviews. Check the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission for any complaints and how they handled the situation. Were they responsive? Were the cases settled? Are there a large number of cases filed and still unresolved? Remember that when you are looking for reviews, not all review sites are equal. Focus on the ones with verified reviews.
Offer Straightforward and Transparent Pricing.

When asked about pricing and fees, are they willing to provide them clearly? Are they hiding fees? When you commit to them, will you be able to look up your charges and see them for yourself? If you do not get a clear answer, do not work with them. Make sure that when you sign their contract, pricing is stated, and you know exactly what you will have to pay. When you see the term “flat fee”, you probably should not trust that. Search for the additional charges that usually come as you work with the company.

Hire Professionals with Expertise – Their tax professionals should be knowledgeable about tax regulations and laws. Find out if their expertise covers the situation you are facing. They should also have several years of experience. This would increase the chance that they have helped clients with cases like yours. The staff should also be licensed and a part of a professional tax organization.

Some tax relief providers only work with those with a certain amount of tax debt. These services should be clear about any minimum requirements.

A Money-Back Guarantee trusted tax relief companies often offer money-back guarantees. You need results when working with them. But beware of any company that promises to wipe away your tax debt. Do not believe anyone that will tell you upfront what the result will be. That will always depend on your situation.

Offer A Solid Strategy – Your tax relief company should be able to accept your tax situation, develop a strategic plan, and explain the process to you. Ask for a step-by-step road map to get you to a better situation.

Make sure that when you ask questions, they can explain issues to you so that you can clearly understand. Get a read on their willingness to respond and their attitude towards questions. You want to make sure that when you need to speak with someone you know who to contact regarding your case.

What Are Things to Avoid in a Tax Relief Company?

The above list included things that you should look for. The following characteristics are things that you should avoid.

No Record of Success – If the company cannot show you what they have done for clients, they are not the company for you.

Do not Have a Lengthy History – Steer clear of companies that do not have an established history. You will want to ensure that they are still there when you need them. They need to have been in business for several years.

Mysterious Pricing -One sure way to be taken advantage of is to sign a contract when the company is not giving you the exact numbers. All the pricing information should be in writing.

Push You into a Contract – Do not crumble under the pressure when interviewing tax relief companies. Get all the information you need and give yourself time to make the right decision for yourself.

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