Anyone who’s facing tax troubles might be wondering, what can a tax attorney do for me? If you’re struggling with tax debt or other problems, there are some important reasons to hire a tax attorney. Tax attorneys can do many things that the average person can’t. Learn more about what tax lawyers do, when to hire a tax attorney and other details that can help solve your IRS problems.

What Do Tax Lawyers Do?

Filing your taxes might seem easy to many people. If you fill out an EZ form or use simple tax software, you might think the process is simple. However, the US tax code is very complicated. What does a tax attorney do? Tax lawyers help you understand tax laws, file taxes properly, and solve any problems you have with the IRS. 

Tax lawyers work with many different levels of taxes. You may be liable for federal, state, and municipal taxes. A good lawyer will help you understand what is and isn’t taxable at each level. This can help you navigate tax season, avoid legal trouble, and keep as much money in your wallet as possible.

A good tax attorney can make the difference between a nice rebate check and an audit alert. Here are five ways a good tax lawyer can help you get out of tax debt.

1. Handle IRS Audit Or Collection Notices

Getting a letter from the IRS in the mail can be scary. No one wants a surprise notice from the government. If you receive an IRS letter, you might be searching for a tax attorney near me. Dealing with audit letters, collection notices, and other IRS communication is one of the best reasons to hire a tax attorney.

The IRS can send you several different notices through the mail. You might receive interviews, audit paperwork, and many other kinds of communication. It’s important to work with a tax lawyer in this situation. A licensed attorney can help you in several different ways. The IRS might have made a mistake. If the notice was sent to you correctly, your lawyer can help you through the process.

2. Keep You Out Of Jail

Do tax attorneys really help? Some tax problems can lead to jail time, so this is a great time to book a tax attorney near me for a free consultation. 

US tax law has serious penalties in place for missing your payments. You can’t go to jail for skipping your taxes, but you can be charged for cheating on your taxes. If you forgot to file one year’s tax return or made an honest mistake on your forms, you don’t deserve to face prison time. A tax attorney can help prove that you made a simple mistake in your paperwork and that you weren’t trying to cheat.

3. Make Sense Of Confusing Paperwork

If you’re wondering why do you need a tax attorney, consider all the different forms, documents, and publications that the IRS puts out every year. There are almost 2,000 IRS forms available to the public. This amount of paperwork is impossible to navigate. However, these boring forms are very important. IRS documents list your rights as a taxpayer, explain how the IRS can collect your back taxes, cover deductions, and more. 

What can a tax attorney do for me? Your lawyer can help you get the most out of your return. Your tax situation might be more complicated than you realize. There are many deductions and federal programs that can help you save money at tax time. A good tax attorney can help you manage deductions to your benefit.

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4. Manage Your Business Taxes

Starting your own business is an important time to talk to a tax attorney near me. Businesses have unique tax requirements. Depending on what type of business you start, your company might have a range of tax requirements. This is especially true if you’re working with partners, lenders, or investors. 

Other business transactions also influence your taxes. Buying and selling companies are important transactions that can impact your tax bill. 

Your tax attorney can help you navigate all of these situations. What can a tax lawyer do for me? Whether you’re starting a business, selling a company, forming a non-profit organization, or taking any other business step, a good lawyer can assist.

5. Help You Lower Your Taxes In The Future

An attorney can help you make the best of the current year’s taxes. But you might be wondering, do tax attorneys save you money in the long run? Your tax lawyer can be your best friend when it comes to reducing your taxes in the future. An attorney can help you explore several safe and legal ways to lower your future tax liability. Their guidance will help you pay fewer taxes in the future. 

 Tax lawyers can also help your children, grandchildren, and the rest of your inheritors after you pass. Your attorney can help you reduce any estate or gift tax that your family might face.

Is Hiring A Tax Attorney Worth It?

Taxes are a regular part of our society. Individuals and business owners must manage their tax situation to avoid liability, fines, and even legal troubles. You can face major penalties for skipping or cheating on your taxes. If you’re living with tax trouble, a tax attorney can help you take control of your life again.

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