What is the Best Tax Relief Company?

Making that call to the Internal Revenue Service can be frightening. When you have been notified of a problem or debt can be intimidating. While you know your financial situation, you may not have the expertise to represent yourself in a complicated tax situation.

Hiring a tax professional may be the best option for you. These professionals can guide you through every step and be an advocate for you. They are your best chance at getting the best agreement based on your unique circumstances. Below are the 7 guidelines you should consider when hiring a tax relief or tax resolution company.

What to Look for In a Tax Resolution Company

While Google is a great place to find all kinds of resources, you must dive further. Search for more information on each company you find. You should choose a company with years of experience in tax resolution. These professionals have likely worked with clients with situations like yours. They are also well-versed in tax law and how to use it to your advantage. Make sure they are experienced in federal and state tax resolution services depending on your tax situation.

Tax Attorney

Time in Helping People Resolve Tax Debt

Experience is gained from a considerable amount of time in business. You should choose a company that has been around for more than a couple of years. This usually means that the staff is experienced. It also means that the company has a solid foundation and will be in business for a long time to come.

What Others are Saying about The Program

While you’re on Google, check a company’s reviews. Typing in the name of the company followed by reviews. This should pull up plenty of information for you to review. See what former and current clients have to say about their experience with the company. Remember that sometimes review sites don’t verify posts and they may not be accurate.

Also, check the Better Business Bureau. If they are a member, they will have a rating that will give you an idea of their responsiveness and success. Check out the number of outstanding complaints and if any lawsuits have been filed against the company. Multiple outstanding complaints should be a red flag. Check the resolved complaints and read them. This will help you figure out if you would feel comfortable working with this company. Also, be on the lookout for reviews that complain of being “taken” or “ripped off”.

Clear Pricing Terms

A reputable tax resolution company will be upfront with its tax resolution services pricing and tell you what you will pay for their services. Get even more clarity for any hidden fees when a company says they charge a flat-rate fee. Find out if they charge hourly and what expenses you will have to cover. Sometimes company’s pass couriers and other fees on to the client. Always get pricing information in writing.

An Ethical Company

Beware of tax resolution firms that say they guarantee a successful outcome. They can’t possibly know this. Your individual outcome will depend on the amount and age of your debt, interest, and penalties, and if you qualify for installment plans. A reputable firm will be able to be straightforward about the seriousness of your situation and identify if you qualify for special programs like the IRS Fresh Start Program.

Personal Service

Make sure that you know who you will be dealing with. A good tax resolution company will have someone that is assigned to keep you informed and follow your case. You want to be able to meet with them and to know that they are responsive.

Remember that legally the only professionals that can represent a taxpayer include Attorneys enrolled agents and certified public accountants. When you have a difficult In case that you need to be vigilantly defended, you want to have an attorney handle your case.

Licensure & Affiliation

Make sure that the staff working on your case are licensed or certified. You want to ensure that you are working with a Tax Attorney, CPA, or tax resolution specialist. It is also best if they are a member of professional tax organizations. If you are working with a tax attorney, make sure they are admitted to the state bar.

Make sure you perform due diligence and take your time when choosing a tax resolution company. Don’t ignore your notices from the Internal Revenue Services. Your situation could get worse. Contact us today when you need tax resolution services.

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