If you are a Christian in need of tax help, you will want to find a Christian tax attorney. These professionals can help you find the tax solutions you need as you deal with the IRS due to unpaid back taxes or an audit. 

Dealing with the IRS and tax debt is difficult for everyone. For a Christian, it can seem debilitating. It’s important that you get the help you need from another believer. They will be able to walk with you through the process of tax resolution while ensuring that you have someone of faith on your side. 

Can I Find Christian Tax Relief?

Getting help for your tax debt from a Christian tax relief company will help to ensure that you are receiving the Godly counsel you need. Through Christian services, you can obtain tax resolution from IRS tax debt negotiation, offers-in-compromise, debt settlement, and more. 

When dealing with the IRS, many Christians become overwhelmed and intimidated due to the abrasive and aggressive manner of some agents. These agents are trained to collect debts from taxpayers, without consideration for their personal life. 

Having a Christian tax attorney to help them along can make all the difference. These tax relief services offer kind and compassionate assistance to Christians who are struggling with their tax debt. Instead of traveling the rocky road alone, find a Christian tax relief company that will walk beside you. 

Christian Tax Relief Team

A reputable and experienced Christian tax relief company will consist of Christian tax attorneys, Christian CPAs, former IRS agents, and other Christian professionals with knowledge and expertise in tax debt. They will be able to provide you with sound advice and walk beside you throughout the entire process. 

In order to provide you with the most effective service, your Christian tax relief team will include professionals who can legally negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. They will be able to communicate and present your case as they seek to find a tax resolution that works for you. 

Tax Resolution Services You Can Depend On

Every year, millions of people fail to file their taxes. Many of those people end up being contacted by the IRS as they seek to collect their debt. If you have been contacted by the IRS, you will want to find a full-service Christian tax firm that has the knowledge and experience to help you with your case. 

Your team should be able to help with offers in compromise, debt settlement, tax liens, Christian tax consolidation, and more. They will be ready to present any strategy to the IRS in order to gain you the tax relief you need. 

An expert Christian tax relief company will offer a free consultation, providing you with the best remedy for your specific tax situation within minutes. They’ll help you file your back taxes and make a claim for the settlement program that best suits your needs and situation. 

The greatest thing is that you can have peace of mind when you work with a Christian tax resolution company. You won’t need to worry and wonder if they have your best interest in mind. You’ll know that they are legitimately working for you with your needs at the forefront of their minds. 

Christian Tax Relief Process

When you contact a Christian tax relief company, they will talk with you to determine the best course of action. All of your tax returns must be filed before a tax resolution company can negotiate for you with the IRS. Therefore, your team will file your back taxes before anything else, which readies you for the resolution process. 

After your taxes are filed, your team will help you by filing for the tax resolution program that’s best for you. The main programs that are available are currently non-collectible, installment payments, and offer in compromise

Currently Non-Collectible

With the currently non-collectible program, your team should be able to prove that you are currently unable to pay your debt. If you are approved for this program, the IRS will freeze your debt for 1-3 years, until they determine that you are ready to pay. This program can be a great option for people who cannot pay their debt at the moment but anticipate being able to in the future. 

Installment Payments

With installment payments, you and the IRS will come to an agreed-upon amount that you will pay monthly until your debt is paid off. To determine the amount, the IRS will look at your current income and expenses. If you agree with the IRS’ determination, you will enter a payment arrangement for the repayment of your debt. 

Offers in Compromise

While not everyone is eligible for offers in compromise, it can be the best option for those who are. With an offer in compromise, you can settle your debt for a much lower amount than you owe. 

There are online tools to help you determine whether you are eligible for the offers in the compromise program or not. Checking your eligibility before you receive your free consultation can help you start out with accurate expectations. However, the Christian team that you speak with will be able to assist you in determining your eligibility either way. 

Finding Christian Tax Relief

As your Christian tax relief team reviews your financial situation and tax debt, they will quickly be able to determine the best program for your needs. Your team will help you along the way as you file for resolution until your debt is settled and clear. Rest assured, your tax debt will be in the best hands when you work with a Christian tax relief team. 

IRS Tax Relief Network offers Christian tax relief services. Our expert team of Christian tax consultants can help you from start to finish, ensuring that you find relief. Don’t hesitate to reach out today for tax help from IRS Tax Relief Network. No matter what your tax situation is, we are here for you. Click the banner below for your free tax resolution consultation. 

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