Are You Looking for a Tax Attorney to Help with Your Tax Issues? Here’s Why You Might Want to Choose an Enrolled Agent Instead:

Being contacted by the IRS for tax issues is never pleasant. Whether you’ve been notified that you are the subject of a tax audit or you’ve received the threat of a tax lien or tax levy, you’ll want to find a tax relief expert that can help. 

You might consider hiring a tax lawyer/attorney to assist you with your case. While most tax relief companies have tax attorneys on hand, they also have enrolled agents. Instead of hiring a tax attorney, consider looking into an enrolled agent who can handle the same tax issues at a fraction of the price. 

Tax Relief Costs

When you work with an experienced tax attorney, they may charge you anywhere from $600-$2,000 an hour. Enrolled agents can do the same type of work towards tax relief, however, their cost averages $200-$400 an hour. 

What is an Enrolled Agent?

Enrolled agents are tax relief professionals that can represent you in front of the IRS. They are trained in tax relief services and typically work for a tax relief company. They are federally authorized agents, with the ability to offer tax consultations, file state and federal tax returns, and provide representation for clients in front of the IRS. 

Many enrolled agents are former IRS agents, giving them extensive knowledge on tax law and IRS practices. They are authorized by the IRS to work as an enrolled agent and must consistently prove their skill in all aspects of taxation and representation. 

These tax professionals are highly knowledgeable in tax law, regulations, and they are consistently up to date on tax codes. In order to become an enrolled agent, they must prove themselves by working for the IRS for a minimum of five years in some sort of tax interpreting role or they must take and pass an extensive examination that showcases their tax knowledge. Due to the advanced requirements, it takes to become and maintain status as an enrolled agent, it is actually one of the most advanced credentials given by the IRS. 

When you have tax debt and you have to deal with the IRS, hiring an enrolled agent is one of the best, and most cost-effective, decisions. You will be able to have your case represented by knowledgeable and experienced professionals, without the overwhelming cost of a tax lawyer/attorney

What Does an Enrolled Agent Do?

Enrolled agents do much of the same work as tax attorneys. They advise taxpayers of the best course of action to take for their specific situation. They represent their clients before the IRS, negotiating with the agents on their clients’ behalf. They also prepare and file tax returns for their clients, both individuals, and businesses. 

Not all tax relief agents have the ability to represent their clients in front of the IRS. However, enrolled agents are qualified to both represent and negotiate on their clients’ behalf, just as a tax attorney does. With their training, they have the ability to efficiently determine the best course of action for each person they represent, advising them of the right tax relief program to apply for. 

They can represent their clients in front of the IRS on any tax matter, including audits, appeals, payments, and collections. Instead of working behind the scenes, enrolled agents work with and maintain a professional relationship with their clients throughout the duration of their tax services. This ensures that the client has peace of mind and is aware of everything happening during their case. 

Enrolled agents have the ability to go above and beyond tax advice and filing in their representation of their clients. Their tax services include: 

  • Tax audit representation
  • Submitting an offer in compromise
  • Provide assistance for tax lien/tax levy removal
  • Helps with employment taxes
  • Filing past tax returns
  • Representing clients in front of the IRS

They are also the only federally licensed tax professionals with a specialization in taxation that is able to represent all taxpayers. 

Tax Attorney or Enrolled Agent?

Some people may be wary of choosing an enrolled agent over a tax attorney. After all, attorneys are well-known professionals. However, tax attorneys take on a variety of cases and do not spend all of their time on tax law. On the other hand, enrolled agents are specifically tax professionals who have the same capabilities as a tax attorney, but at a much lower cost.  

Enrolled agents must pass an in-depth and challenging examination in order to represent clients before the IRS. They obtain a detailed background check through the US Treasury and have often worked for the IRS, giving them first-hand knowledge and experience. 

With the ongoing education and rigorous requirements, enrolled agent status is one of the top credentials from the IRS. They also have unlimited rights, meaning that they have the ability to represent any taxpayer requests and needs. 

Don’t forget that the cost of hiring an enrolled agent is far less than the cost of hiring a tax attorney. Before you hire representation, reach out to some tax relief companies to learn about their costs and what you can expect from an enrolled agent versus a tax attorney

IRS Tax Relief Network

The IRS Tax Relief Network has a team of experienced tax professionals, including enrolled agents. We are here to assist you with any of your tax needs, no matter your specific situation. Whether you need tax preparation, help with back taxes, or tax relief services, the enrolled agents at the IRS Tax Relief network are here.