Tax troubles can happen to anyone, including Christians. Back taxes, overdue payments, or unexpected large tax bills are a surprise that can impact anyone’s life. We know that it’s especially hard to face tax and legal trouble as a believer. You might wonder why God allowed this to happen to you. Some people don’t know how to keep supporting their church giving while also paying their tax debt. It can be hard to take care of your family and plan for the future when you have tax troubles. 

Tax relief programs such as the IRS Tax Relief Network can help you get back on a firm footing. Keep reading to learn more about tax troubles. We also explore whether Christians are called to pay taxes, and how tax relief can help your family.

What Are The Benefits Of Christian Tax Relief?

Christian tax relief can help you in several different ways. Some benefits of tax relief are universal and will help anyone, no matter what they believe. Other benefits will be extra powerful specifically for Christians.

When you work with the IRS Tax Relief Network, you’re working with a team of experts. Our tax professionals have years of experience working with taxes, laws, finance, and the government. We can negotiate a relief plan that will help anyone living with tax trouble. Depending on your situation, we may be able to:

  • Stop harassing phone calls
  • Set up a payment plan
  • Lower the amount of your debt
  • Release liens from your home
  • Return seized assets
  • Stop wage garnishment

These changes can help get your life back on track. You may be able to get out of debt, repair your credit score, and regain your possessions with your tax plan. These benefits will help anyone, regardless of their faith.

However, other benefits will make the most impact on Christians. Settling your tax debt can release your sense of guilt or obligation. God didn’t place you in this world to feel trapped, struggle in bondage, or live in fear. Instead, you’re here to find forgiveness and live in grace. Place your trust in the path God has laid before you. Tax relief can be a powerful opportunity to transform your life.

We encourage you to spend some time in prayer and see if you feel called to pursue debt relief. Everyone deserves forgiveness and compassion. Whether your tax troubles were caused by an honest mistake, bad information, or poor choices, you can grow into a new phase of your life. Contact the IRS Tax Relief Network today to learn how Christian tax relief services can change your life.

What Is Tax Debt?

The government charges taxes each year based on how much money you earn. Both people and businesses have to pay taxes. If you own a business, your business can have tax problems. You can also have tax debt as an individual person or as a married couple.

Federal taxes are due to the United States government each year. Most states charge state income taxes as well. It’s possible to owe taxes to both the state and Federal government. You can also have debt with one of these groups but no trouble with the other.

People can develop tax debt in several different ways. First, you can make a mistake when filing your taxes. Many Christians get into tax debt this way. These believers are trying to do the right thing by paying their taxes on time but simply made a mistake on the form. Once the government realizes your mistake, you will still owe the correct amount of tax.

You can also develop tax debt when your tax bill is bigger than what you expected. You’re still responsible to pay your taxes even if you can’t afford them. The government tax agency still plans to collect your tax bill, whether you have the money to pay or not.

When you owe back taxes, the government will try to collect the money. Government agencies may charge extra fines and fees on your account. They can also try other ways to collect your debt. Tax agencies may garnish your wages, pull money from your bank account, or seize your property.

Are Christians Called To Pay Taxes?

The IRS Tax Relief Network understands that taxes can be a complicated issue for many believers. We’ve worked with Christian clients who feel that the secular government misuses their tax dollars. It can feel uncomfortable or even immoral to give money to the government. However, remember the Biblical perspective on taxes.

Both the Old Testament and the New Testament include clear instructions about taxes. Good citizens and loyal believers are called to pay taxes. Jesus instructed his followers, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.” He made it clear that believers needed to pay taxes, even if they felt the government was corrupt and ungodly.

The Bible is a living document, so this command is still true today. Jesus wants believers to pay their taxes.

What Is Tax Relief?

Tax debt can be hard to live with. There are many negative parts to having tax struggles. Your money problems can make it hard to live a normal life, find a new job, or move to a new home. If you’re in this situation, a tax relief plan can help.

Tax relief is a plan to get you out of tax debt. With your permission, the IRS Tax Relief Network can work with the government to solve your problems. It’s free to learn about your options. Here are the easy steps to take:

  1. Make A Free Call

Get in touch with our friendly experts to start the process. Our staff will get to know you in an easy phone conversation. We want to learn everything about your situation so we can help solve your problems.

  1. We Build A Plan

After our phone conversation, your tax expert will design a personal plan to solve your tax problems. There are many different ways to tackle tax debt, but we will choose what’s best for you. We’ll send you the details once the plan is ready. You can review the plan with your loved ones and take some time to pray over it.

  1. You Accept Our Plan And We Get To Work

God doesn’t want you to remain in bond servitude. If thoughtful prayer is leading you towards the IRS Tax Relief Network, let us know you’re ready to move ahead. We will put our plan into action immediately to bring you relief from your tax troubles.