If you’re struggling with tax debt or are looking for tax relief in 2022, you’re not alone. Plenty of people are searching for tax relief services to get back on track in the new year. Working with a tax relief company is a smart way to take control of your finances. Tax professionals at these companies can help you enter an IRS payment plan, stop a tax levy on your account, and manage many other tax issues. 

There are many tax relief companies on the market so it’s important to find the best one for your needs. Explore some of the most popular tax companies across the country to discover instant tax solutions for your problems. There is a tax relief service that’s right for you!

Handle Tax Issues With Precision Tax Relief 

Precision Tax Relief is a well-rounded company that can help you address back taxes and other issues. This company also offers a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied within the first 30 days as a client, Precision will send your money back.

Money-Back Guarantee and Other Precision Tax Pros

  • Flat-rate fee
  • Tax attorney and other experts on staff
  • Phone, text, email, and chat customer service
  • Money-back guarantee

Federal Taxes Only And Other Precision Tax Cons

  • State tax services not available
  • No audit representation
  • Few online resources for tax problems

Anthem Tax Services

Anthem Tax Services is another company that can help you navigate tax laws, debts, and more. Just like Precision, Anthem Tax Services provides a money-back satisfaction guarantee. They also promise not to charge you if the IRS doesn’t lower your monthly payments or total debt. 

Anthem Tax Pros

  • No-limit money-back offer
  • Installment payments available
  • Nationally accredited

Anthem Tax Cons

  • A money-back offer doesn’t reduce your tax debts
  • Mixed reviews on the Better Business Bureau

Fortress Tax Relief Accountants

Fortress Tax Relief uses an hourly billing method that makes them ideal for clients with a large debt or complicated tax bill. Fortress also boasts a responsive customer service model. Current clients will have their contacts answered within 2 days or they’ll receive an account credit.

Fortress Tax Pros

  • Flat hourly rate
  • Customer service pledge backed up by account rewards
  • Federal and state tax services

Fortress Tax Cons

  • Clients need at least $10,000 tax debt
  • Not nationally accredited
  • Limited tax preparer services for businesses

Community Tax

Community Tax is a great choice for clients who only have a small amount of tax debt. Many enrolled agents at other companies don’t work on small accounts. However, the Community accountants take on small tax return problems. If you want to handle your back taxes so you can start receiving your tax refunds again, Community can help.

Community Tax Pros

  • Low minimum tax debt of $5,000
  • Money-back offer
  • Education program
  • Mobile app

Community Tax Cons

  • Confusing pricing system
  • Some user complaints
  • Little chat help

Enterprise Consultants Group

The Enterprise Consultants Group is a great choice for small businesses. Many tax companies focus on individuals first and businesses are an afterthought. Enterprise works the other way around. This company specializes in business services. If your company needs help with a tax refund, credit report, or any other issue, Enterprise might be a great fit.

Free Consultations And Other Enterprise Tax Pros

  • Free consultations with IRS transcript analysis
  • Full suite of small business services
  • Nationally accredited

Enterprise Tax Cons

  • No guarantee
  • Little online help
  • Few state services outside California

Tax Defense Network

Tax Defense Network offers bilingual services for people who need tax assistance in Spanish. Not all tax companies offer bilingual staff, which helps Tax Defense Network stand out. Clients who speak mostly Spanish have a hard time working with the IRS. Many people in the United States speak Spanish so bilingual services are very important. 

Tax Defense Network Pros

  • Bilingual services in English and Spanish
  • More than a decade in business
  • A minimum debt of $5,000

Tax Defense Network Pros

  • Website is only available in English
  • Limited satisfaction guarantee

ALG Tax Solutions

ALG Tax Solutions offers a wide range of free online resources. If you want to try representing yourself with the IRS before turning to a tax relief company, ALG can point you in the right direction. They also offer a low-cost evaluation if you want some expert advice without dipping into your checking account

DIY Tax Relief And Other ALG Pros

  • Large online library with free calculators, eBooks, and other guides
  • Help individuals, self-employed people, and small businesses
  • Low-cost help available

ALG Tax Cons

  • No satisfaction guarantee
  • No state tax help outside of Michigan

How To Compare Tax Relief Companies And Tax Relief Services

You deserve a company that delivers true tax debt relief. Many businesses make big promises but can’t back up their claims. Any tax company worth your business will have some standard features, such as:

  • Free consultations
  • Tax attorneys, IRS enrolled agents, Certified Public Accountants, and other experts on staff
  • State and federal tax services
  • Good standing on the Better Business Bureau
  • Tax preparation services
  • Accept multiple payment methods

A good tax company should also be experienced in common tax services for dealing with the IRS, including penalty abatement, installment agreements, offers in compromise, challenging tax audits, stopping wage garnishment, and more. If you’re looking for Optima Tax Relief, Larson Tax Relief, or other tax companies, there are other options to explore.

Tax Services From IRS Tax Relief Network

IRS Tax Relief Network is a safe, reliable way to solve your tax problems. With expert staff who hold more than 30 years of experience, the IRS Tax Relief Network is ready to work with the IRS on your behalf. We offer full-service tax relief services. We can eliminate your back taxes in most cases.

We use a proven three-step method to solve your IRS problems.

1. Free Consultation 

Speak with one of our tax experts over the phone for a 100% risk-free consultation.

2. We Review Your Tax Debts And Past Returns

Your team builds a comprehensive plan to address your situation.

3. We Solve Your Tax Problems

We work with the IRS and any state tax agencies on your behalf. In most cases, your debt is resolved in months and you never need to talk to the IRS yourself.

Contact Us To Learn More

IRS Tax Network is here to help you get your taxes back in order. You deserve to work with an honest, reliable company. That’s why we offer top-quality services to every client. We have flexible hours to fit your schedule. We’re also flexible with payments and can accept debit, credit cards, and other methods. Contact us today to learn more about your options and leave your tax debt in the past.